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Pianos have been added since the two books were published. (EP>5155)
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2015-03-15 Re-designed main piano data page
2015-01-15 Updated database backend to SQL technology
2014-10-22 3,300 Maker biographies now included (Menu>Find>Maker Biographies)
2013-10-19 Numerous field label clarifications
2013-09-14 Update list of case types
2013-08-01 Photo viewer improvements
2013-05-22 Photo upload improvements
2013-02-04 Added search feature for reference field
2012-02-15 Inactivity timeout increased from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.
2012-02-08 Digitization of Mobbs archive of 16,700 slides completed (links to DB coming soon)
2012-02-08 Fixed bug that caused an error when apostrophe in search field
2012-01-03 Posted new paper form. Use this to collect data before online data entry.
2011-12-15 Implemented website error handling system
2011-08-21 List of piano case types added to Reference menu and data entry forms
2011-08-21 New advanced search form with more searchable fields
2011-08-15 Created alternate entrance at
2011-08-01 Improvements to the results grid
2011-05-07 Photo upload facility added.

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